Access Control

Fenlon Electrical Services can install all types of Access Control Systems. Installing the correct Access Control solution for you will help provide security to your family, property, and staff and stock.

Access Control Systems are electronic security systems that are designed and installed to provide protection against any unwanted visitors into a property but allow free movement and entry for authorised users. In simple terms, Access Control Systems provide control of entry (or exit) through nominated doors via a control panel or some form of electric locking facility.

They can be as simple or as advanced as you desire, but in each case the solution will always provide an easy route for authorised persons. They are simple to use and reassuring.
Door access control is an affordable option with real benefits:

  • You can check or view all callers before you open your door.
  • Ideal for the elderly or anyone who lives alone.
  • Offices, factories, residential and nursing homes or lone workers.

In fact wherever control of access is important!

Types of Access Control & Door Entry Technology

Intercom system:
Many varieties including video which can be attached to door release systems.

PIN Code Entry:
This can be a Mechanical Pushbutton Lock or an Electronic Keypad with a series of numbered push buttons, connected to the lock release mechanism. The user simply keys in the code.

Swipe Card Readers:
The user has an pre-programmed card. The entry point will have an associated card reader through which the user simply swipes the card through to gain entry.

Proximity Readers:
Similar to above but with a tag instead of a card.

Biometric readers:
Biometric readers can store different geometric patterns such as finger prints or a retina scan both of which are unique to that one individual who you are giving access permission to.

When planning an Access Control System, you may want to consider the following:

  • How many and where are the entry/exit points.
  • The desired level of security.
  • A method of operation.
  • Access for the disabled.
  • Interface with other systems e.g. fire alarms.

Fenlon Electrical Services ltd can advise you on all the above.

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