Data Networks

Fenlon Electrical Services provide data networking services to Commercial, Industrial and Semi State organisations and companies. We have a broad customer base and experience in providing services to a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Fenlon Electrical can carry out:

  • Data Networks to CAT5E Shielded (FTP)
  • Data Networks to CAT5E Unshielded (UTP)
  • Data Networks to CAT6 Shielded (SFTP)
  • Data Networks to CAT6 Unshielded (UTP)
  • Voice Telephony Networks
  • Multi mode Fibre Optic Networks
  • Wireless Networks (WIFI)

Structured Cabling System

A Structured Cabling System allows you to network communications equipment in a building, to provide for the integration of telephone, computer data and building management and control systems.

The advantages of installing a structured cabling system in a building, is the flexibility and future proofing it allows the end user to have. Depending on the configuration, the cost saving of labour and materials in having one cable installed (instead of separate wires for telephone and computer data), can be as much as 30%.

With IP technologies now becoming more common, structured cabling can provide a further reduction in costs by allowing the use of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) on the same network cabling as the computer data.

Fenlon Electrical provides structured cabling solutions for data networks based upon Cat5e and Cat6 copper wire configured to EIA/TIA specifications. These allow for bandwidths of between 100Mbps and 1Gbps.

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